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With old school techniques, taught by my Mother, my sewing career has spanned the full gambit of projects from wedding dresses and suits to boat awnings and tent campers. I am self diagnosed with “Creativity Compulsion”.

After decades of every kind of design and sewing experience, I have found my niche in the design and construction of Solo Competition Irish Dance Dresses. My philosophy is to help every girl feel beautiful and confident with her presence on stage, wearing the most elegant and sparkling, age appropriate, dress of her dreams…… at an affordable price. For exceptional designs, handmade care, quality construction, You have come to the right place.
But a LinDesigns dress goes just a bit further that other designers, building in features that you probably won't find anywhere else, such as:

  • Full opening backs for easy put-on and easy “air out”
  • Heavy duty separating zippers
  • Full linings
  • Enough grow room to last for years

Quality work always takes time and care….. and every aspect of your dress is done by just one person, one dress at a time. Many hours of handwork goes into every dress, just like Grandma used to do.
But this Grandma is savvy to the wonders of modern technology. With sophisticated embroidery software, I digitize my own machine embroideries, so that any special artwork you would like can probably be included. This digitizing capability also allows for a very accurate depiction of your design, as the actual embroidery image will be embedded in its virtual reality representation.

I hope you enjoy my website and the sampling of dresses and designs I have included.


Linda Campbell

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