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The "Walk-In" Dress, with a full-length zipper, has several advantages. The dress is put on as you would don a coat facing backwards. This eliminates the prospect of stepping into an expensive dress by dropping it onto an unclean floor, or having a fitted dress too tight in the hips to pull up. It is also advantageous in long term care, as the full opening back allows for a complete "airing out" after a vigorous performance, which is essential to help reduce the buildup of odors.

A heavy-duty zipper makes perfect sense. Costumes bedecked with all manner of embellishments will be significantly heavier than a regular dress, and I am always surprised when dresses are brought to me for alterations that have light duty, and sometimes broken, zippers.

"Fully Lined." Almost all dresses are claimed to be "fully lined", yet most dressmakers use the lining as the backing for the embroidery, which means that the decorative stitching is visible from the inside. This can be an irritant to the dancer. LinDesign dresses are lined after all decorative stitching has been completed.

"Grow Room" is a major issue. Most of the big-name designers leave very little, or absolutely NO grow room. They would prefer that you buy another dress as your dancer matures. It is ridiculous to assume that a young girl will not grow significantly in 6 months or a year. LinDesigns dresses typically include 4 inches of room for growth in the chest, waist or hips….. and 4 inches of let down for overall length.

Choices and Options. Can you imagine a major designer who redesigns and adjusts to your every preference?  Is your dress going to have their complete attention and dedication from start to finish? ....LinDesigns dresses will. With some designers, you have no options other than the basic color, so what is the point of having a custom dress?

Time and Delivery. Many clients are hesitant to order a custom dress because they expect the process to take months. Sometimes, a dancer can grow out of her dress before she receives it. You can expect LinDesigns to complete a custom dress within 2 weeks of design approval, although it make take a little longer during peak season.

The Pros and Cons of a New Dress. The only reason someone buys a used dress is the cost concern, and while that is certainly a major factor, consider than it may be less expensive overall, to buy new… and that some new dresses are less expensive than used ones. The primary reason that a used dress is on the market is that the dancer has outgrown it, and therefore, there is little or no grow room left. You may end up having to buy more than one used dress as your dancer grows. There is also the problem of latent odors, which can be quite unpleasant, especially if you have purchased the dress online without a previous examination…. Not to mention wear and tear.

The "Bling Thing". More than the fabric and supporting materials, the Crystals are the most expensive part of the dress, after the cost of time and labor. Yet many manufacturers apply them as quick "hot fix" gems. Mothers complain about how readily the gems fall off, are lost, and need replacing. Not so with LinDesigns. I use Gem Tac, or E6000… the best available gem adhesive in the industry.

A final note: This website has been designed to offer information as well as promotion. Many Mothers come to me with so many questions, when facing the prospect of their daughter’s first solo dress. I am happy to help in any way I can. No matter where you find your daughter’s "dream dress", I hope my website has helped you along the way.

Very Sincerely,

Linda Campbell
"LinDesigns of Florida"